Release Week Event: Catacombs (The Immortal Archives #3) by Devon Ashley



No one will hear her scream.

More than five years have passed since Emily was accidentally infected with the blood of a pure vampire. Now a member of this elite secret organization, it’s time for her to run her trials and determine her place within the hierarchy. After an awkward evening with her leader Gaius, she wants nothing more than to get back to teaching at the Warrior school for demon hunters. But before she even has the chance to leave, she, Noel and Abby are all summoned to deal with the organization’s dirty little secret. Something deadly has been trapped within the catacombs beneath their headquarters for centuries, waiting for the day to wreak vengeance. That day has finally come – and the horror of what lies beneath may destroy them all.

New Adult Urban Fantasy

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“Is your spell ready?” he asked.

Abby smiled, her arm disappearing behind him. He expected it to make landfall somewhere on his back or shoulders, but instead he received a quick sting on his head. His body didn’t acknowledge the loss of hair other than his eyes angling deep in her direction.

“Is now,” she mocked, waving the single blond hair pinched between her fingers.

“Was that really necessary?”

“It is if you want only us to be able to pass through the entrance.”

“I meant you could’ve simply asked.”

Emily snorted, not even bothering to be ashamed by the unintentional sound. Most women who came around here would’ve been horrified by that, but it seemed Emily couldn’t care less. It only made her more adorable.

“Apparently you haven’t met the real Abby yet,” she said. “Simple is not in her vocabulary.”

“You do like to take the long way around things,” Noel agreed, sipping his coffee afterwards, avoiding the playful glare coming off Abby.

“Bite me. Because after facing off with an unstoppable demon, the obnoxious pet of some pissed off goddess and a fucked up entity taking up residence somewhere inside me, I’m still here. So whatever it is I’m doing, works.”

Emily scrunched up her face and teased, “You forgot to sing na-nah-na-nah-nah.”

“The taunt was implied,” Abby quipped back.

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