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Author Name: Jessie G
Book Name: Tricking Chase
Series: Devils Pride MC, Book 1
Release Date: May 8, 2015
Pages or Words: 97,383 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Romance, Biker, BDSM
Publisher: Jessie G Books, Inc.
Cover Artist: Andrew Reyna, Dynamic Craft Studios (
Exclusively Available at Amazon (

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Tricking Chase Blurb:

As Sergeant At Arms for Devils Pride MC, Tyler “Trick” Malone’s take no prisoners reputation make him one of the most feared and respected members of the club. Unbeknownst to the MC, Trick indulges his most dangerous secret, traveling out of state twice a year to trade his cut for the whip he expertly wields at a gay dungeon.

Trick’s well organized life takes a turn when he saves bar back, and terrified submissive, Chase Ward in a Georgia dungeon. With his protector and dungeon owner dead, Chase is no longer safe in the place he once called home. With the new dungeon owners circling like sharks, he desperately begs for sanctuary in the arms of his savior.

A year later, the MC is still none the wiser that Trick’s houseboy is anything more than a grateful servant. Chase knows, if the club finds out their secret, they will kill Trick—the man he’s come to rely on for everything from the food he eats to the pleasure he feels to the security he craves. Even when gratitude turns to love, Chase never expects reciprocation from his ruthless Master. After all, the only way for them to survive is if Trick remains the heartless bastard the MC knows.

Trick is positive he has it under control and having Chase around has definitely made his life easier. There doesn’t seem to be any harm in letting Chase take a part-time job at Velvet Ropes, especially after meeting privately with the owners. That is until a bomb explodes at the club, leaving Chase fighting for his life and forcing Trick to face his long hidden feelings.

Even if Chase survives, that bomb has done more than rock the foundation of the popular leather club. It’s blown Trick and Chase’s well-guarded secret out of hiding, putting their lifestyle and their lives at risk. Now there is only one thing Trick needs to do before the club gets them and that’s to get revenge on the person who dared to hurt his precious boy.

Authors Note: Tricking Chase is a direct spin-off of The Protector, which is book 3 in my Sizzling Miami series. Though I tried to provide enough details that it isn’t necessary to have read that book, I cannot really call this a standalone.

Warning: Tricking Chase contains an established D/s relationship, hot guys on motorcycles, an undercover DEA agent named Snake, and a few visits from fan favorite Sizzling Miami characters.

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Somewhere below, the doorbell rang and Ty sighed. Chase leaned in and licked his mouth, hoping to savor this moment for as long as possible. “Your gentle kisses always make me want more.”

Ty laughed at him. “Is there anything that doesn’t make you want more?”

“Of you? No.” Wanting was a constant state for him. When he was alone all he did was think about what they did together and when they were together all he wanted was to be as close as possible. If he was expected to go downstairs and show some restraint for Clay’s friends, he wanted more of this moment. “Perhaps a little spanking before I put my suit on?”

“You’re incorrigible.” Ty’s grin said he’d like nothing more than to bend Chase over the nearest surface and deliver a good hard spanking followed by a good hard pounding. He was totally on board with both ideas.

Without shame, he pushed his erection against Ty’s denim covered one and whispered, “Isn’t that what you like most about me?”

“It’s definitely one of your charms,” Ty mused, gripping his hips and taking his teasing nudge up to a full on grind. He was so close and the rough fabric on his bare skin felt amazing. All he needed was a minute, maybe less.

The heavy knock was like a bucket of ice and he couldn’t hold back the disappointed curse if he tried. Ty held him firm and continued the steady grind as if someone wasn’t trying to interrupt them. Just knowing that someone stood on the other side of the door while Ty worked to get them off drove him right back to the edge. Another knock had him groaning loudly.

“Seriously!” Clay demanded through the door.

One hand slid over his ass, grabbing Chase roughly and that was all it took for both of them. He cried out and that hand squeezed painfully, drawing out his orgasm until he was dizzy with it. Gasping for breath, he caught Ty’s evil smirk and laughed.

Still holding him close, Ty reached over and opened the door. Clay’s hostile glare made him laugh again. “Dress your boy, the party is starting without you.”

Ty snatched his swimsuit from Clay’s hand and pointed out, “We were having our own party up here until you interrupted us.”

“Yeah, yeah, there’s plenty of time for that later.”

“You’re getting real boring in your old age.” Before Clay could answer, Ty closed the door in his face. Chase took his suit and tugged Ty toward the adjoining bathroom, feeling lighter than he had in a long time.

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So for those of you that don’t know, I’m a bit of a Jessie G fan…I do a lot of fan-girling over her boys.

If you’ve read her Sizzling Miami series (and really, you should if you haven’t) – most of the characters in this book are not new to you – we see a bunch of our faves from that series.

But today, we’re going to talk about Trick and Chase (maybe a couple others). Jessie was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her boys!

Q: We’re going to dive right into the hard stuff. So this book has some BDSM elements – while they have the potential to be pretty hard core, you focus more on the emotional part of their D/s relationship instead of the physical. Tell us why the hardcore physical BDSM scenes were limited.

A: First, thanks for hosting Tricking Chase today and, for (maybe) going easy on me with this grilling. I still have the burn marks from our last Q&A. (If you missed that, you can read it here. We did put Jessie through the ringer :))

What is a relationship, D/s or otherwise, if not emotional? As a reader I need to see and feel the emotional reaction to the physical play. Even “vanilla” sex needs to convey emotion for me or I’m sitting here asking myself why these two people are together. When I open a book, my goal is to take the journey with the characters. I want to laugh, cry, cringe, and fall in love. What is that, if not emotional?

The emotional reaction to the physical play, to the balance of power, is one of the most misunderstood elements of D/s. How can he enjoy physical pain, much less get pleasure from it? Similar to how people on videos from websites similar to twinkixxx do. How can he give up control of himself to another person? For Trick and Chase, the answer to those questions and every other “why” or “how” is emotional.

Now, I know for a fact that you don’t read BDSM, Christina. That you not only understood the emotions that drove T&C, but that you’re questioning why I limited the hardcore stuff, makes me smile. Consider the lesson in focus, the lesson in listening or the way Trick chooses to bring Chase back from the edge of a panic attack…did I skimp on the BDSM, or did I give you enough emotion to understand it?

Hopefully those who don’t normally read BDSM, like yourself, and those who like the hardcore stuff, will find a happy medium in Tricking Chase. If you want to learn more about BDSM, take a look at this interesting guide from the LovePlugs website:

Q: This book is also an MC book…again a genre that I am not a big fan of because the few I’ve read have been violent and disturbing. You offer a couple of pretty great twists on the MC in this book…you’re almost reverent of the MC. What is your inspiration for the better portrayal of the MC?

A: We’re a biker family, so I do have a healthy respect for the men and women who ride. They live outside the lines, most have tattoos, they go for comfort over fashion, and they are living their life to the fullest. Most came together for their mutual love of bikes, many ride together for a cause, but it’s the outlaw biker that’s made national headlines for decades. So people look at bikers as if they are all running guns and drugs, and killing people. It’s only in the last few years that we’re seeing more and more stories of bikers standing guard at soldier’s funerals, or protecting abused children and animals, or riding for their cause. It’s not new for them, so why is it getting attention now?

Because Hollywood has romanticized the outlaw biker. Well, the outlaw in general. We fear him, he kills people, but women are practically throwing their panties at him. Books are no different. Warlords, Highlanders, Pirates, Sheiks, Billionaire Playboys, Bikers, Vampires, Werewolves—they’ve all played “leading men” in a romantic movie, television show or book.

Again, I have to smile, though. You say I portrayed a better MC? Did I? Or did I give you enough emotion that you can see what Devils Pride can be in the future?

Q: All your books are so different even though they are tied together. What gave you the idea for a spin-off series? How did you come up with the main characters – Trick & Chase? Do you have photo inspirations you want to share with us? 🙂

A: We were at the Americade Motorcycle Rally and I was standing on Canada Street waiting for my hubs to get me some Fat Willy’s Ice Cream and I’m just watching the show. Anyway, I see these two bikers across the street, heads bowed together to be heard over the roar of so many bikes, and my mind just veered. By the time the hubs met me at the curb, I had the whole synopsis written in my head, thereby adding me to the list of people romanticizing the bad boy biker. You know those two men were just trying to decide where they wanted to eat, which bar to hit up, and to see if the other knew where the Jack Daniels girls were going to be.

The spin-off came because I wanted to delve more into the MC’s journey, and by the end of this book you know it’s on one. That journey is separate from the one my Sizzling Miami guys are on. As for T&C’s inspiration, the names I had when I wrote the synopsis, as well as the title. I don’t know where it all came from or how, it was just in my head.

Q: What can you tell us about some of the new characters we got to know better in this book? Clay, Evan, Tory, Snake, Greg

A: Nothing. 🙂 I’ve told you everything in the book that I’m willing to share right now. Snake’s book will be out in early 2016, and Clay & his boys will have their story told sometime thereafter.

Q: I hope I’m not giving away something here but where did you get all the fun nicknames Trick uses on folks?

A: I’m the type of person that thinks of the witty response after the fact and berates myself for the things I didn’t say. Trick doesn’t suffer from that at all! Thankfully, once he’s in my head, his sarcasm flows right out. There was no struggle to come up with his one liners or those nicknames, he gave them to me.

Q: So…on the cover Chase has dual colored eyes. Where did you get the idea for this? Which reminds me…the cover is amazing! Who designed it for you?

A: I guess it’s no secret that I have a love affair with eyes. They tell you everything, even if it’s just that a person’s hiding something. As for the dual gaze, I’m sure it was some photo I saw. I knew Chase was going to be unique, that he was going to suffer for it, and that Trick would show him how beautiful it was.

The cover was done by Andrew Reyna of Dynamic Craft Studios. He does all my covers and always conveys exactly what I want.

Quick Hits:

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Beach or mountains (I’m guessing we know the answer to this): Beach w/a mountain view

Boxers or briefs: Boxers, preferably riding low

Favorite season: Fall

Jock or musician: Jock on one side, musician on the other

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Christina’s 5-Star Review:

Tricking Chase (Devils Pride MC #1)Tricking Chase by Jessie G.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars so rounding up to 5

Let me get my disclaimers out of the way first. I am not a fan of BDSM books – primarily because I just don’t understand that lifestyle, especially the need for pain. I’ll read them and have read them, but it is rare for me to love them. I also am not a fan of MC books – as I’ve found I don’t like the violence and lack of morals in the few MC books I have struggled through. I loved this book. My friend told me that there is more to the BDSM lifestyle then first meets the eye, apparently, you can learn more about the sex surrounding it at websites similar to (

The MC club has taken a path down which I do not like or support. I was truly dreading what was going to happen with it knowing that I didn’t like any of the MC books I’ve previously read. What Jessie G did with these guys and this club just makes you love them even more – especially Trick. Through the way Trick handles things in the club you truly see what a great man he is.

Trick and Chase have a D/s relationship. Chase needs the pain. Yes, there is one scene in this book that demonstrates that. No, this book does not focus on that. Its focus is on the emotional aspect of their relationship and let me tell you, it’s powerful. The opening scene was…wow – I had to stop for a minute before continuing with the story after reading the prologue. While I really don’t like the Master title and the ‘servant’ mentality, what it means to these men in their relationship was beautiful to read.

My favorite thing about Chase is his absolute, bone-deep undying love and loyalty to Trick. You can’t not love Chase in every way. His vulnerability is as endearing as his strength is inspiring. And Trick…Trick is entertaining for sure – he made me giggle A LOT in this book. But he’s also very serious, mostly about Chase. I don’t want to give any spoilers but when he finally verbalizes how he feels, it almost brought me to my knees, never mind Chase. These men together are simply amazing and their love story is powerful.

The secondary characters were pretty great. We get more of Tory, Evan and Clay and I seriously can’t wait for their story. I fell a little bit in love with Tory. We get more of Snake…which at first was confusing because I did NOT like him at the beginning of this book but I knew he was a good guy in The Protector. He has potential but the jury is still out until we get his book. His ‘not’ love interest is pretty great (as is Trick’s nickname for him).

Most of our favorite characters make an appearance in this book – some more than others. I really liked getting Trick’s thoughts on Saul and Javi’s relationship. Ric was a big player in this story and if you didn’t love him before, you will now.

Note: this is not a standalone book. You really need to read the 3 Sizzling Miami books to fully get this story and all of the characters in it.

The writing was great again. I can’t wait to read more from Jessie in both this series and the Sizzling Miami series. I’m going to leave you with this quote from Trick because it made me giggle…out loud…a lot.

“So Fancy Pants, Little Juan and the Sexy Hulk would be fine.”

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About the Author:

Jessie G Bio Photo“Wearer of Many Hats” is a title that was given to Jessie by a former employer some twenty years ago. This dubious distinction, along with the job description “everything is her fault”, came after she fixed an electrical problem—during her interview—that the office had been having for years. After that, if anything went wrong, her coworkers immediately declared it her fault so she’d have to fix it. This position of importance inspired the owner to convert a closet into an office, thereby providing her coworkers endless opportunities to refer to her as “the girl in the closet.”

Today she is still the “Wearer of Many Hats” and her family has readily jumped on the “everything is her fault” bandwagon. Most mornings start at 5am, where she stumbles into her home office (which is step or two up from a closet) to tackle her personal email, watch gay porn and satisfy her Trivia Crack addiction. By six, she’s caffeinated and ready to take on the world. Wearing her favorite red power nightgown, she expertly designs websites, provides SEO and social media services, freelances as a bookkeeper, cooks, cleans and writes.

Writing has been the elusive, life-long goal that seemed to be getting further away as the years went by. It took 30+ years to achieve, but she’s decided that timing is everything. The world wasn’t ready for m/m romance back then, and now that it is, the girl in the closet has finally found her writing home.

Jessie is a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. She’s a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout her books.


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