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Author Name: Thianna Durston

Book Name: Discovery

Part of a series? If yes, can this book be read as a standalone?  Yes.  But it is the first one.

If a series, what is the series title?  Drakyl Ranch

If series, what number is this book? First

Release Date: September 1st, 2015


Warning: This book is a paranormal m/m romance with some horror elements. It also crosses cowboy and vampire genres. If you don’t think cowboys look hot with fangs, you’re missing out.

Living in Montana and working the ranch is all Aaron wants to do for the rest of his life. Diagnosed as allergic to the sun thirteen years previous, every day is a struggle to get out of bed. Having to wear long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and even material to cover his face from the effects of the sun, just makes it all worse. Now, in his thirty-second year, he is sure this will be his last summer. While he hates it, he knows he needs to come to terms with the truth and put things in order for his younger cousins. Before he does so, he heads out for one night of pleasure before facing what’s coming.

Jaret loves excitement and new adventures. For over five hundred years, he has sought them out. In Montana on a whim, he comes across someone he doesn’t expect, someone who makes him feel things he does not understand and does not want to give up. In no time at all, he feels like he cannot live without Aaron. The only problem is Aaron doesn’t know who he is, what he is, nor that he isn’t going to die. Not on Jaret’s watch. With a plan to help the other man discover who he is in place, he only has one thing to worry about: whether an ancient enemy will come and destroy everything he now holds dear.


Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Western/Cowboy

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“You’re not going to die, Aaron.”

“You don’t know that. This sickness, ailment, curse…whatever the fuck it is. It’s gettin’ worse. And it’s changin’. Morphin’ into somethin’ scary. My nightmares lately have been horrible.”

“What kind of nightmares?” Of course, Jaret knew. They were the same kind all of them had during the change. Fire and ice as the body went through horrendous chills and soaring high fevers. They would only stop once the change was complete. For after that, there was no real sleep anymore.

“Bein’ caught on high mountains, pelted with snow. Of the forests here bright with orange fire. Of you—” His voice broke. “Callin’ out my name only I’m no longer here to respond.”

“Babe,” Jaret said in a soft voice, not understanding why but knowing he was closer to this drakyl than he had ever been to anyone. “We’re going to get you cured. Then you can come out with me at night. We’ll keep the place predator free while your cousins slave in the sun. How does that sound?”

A sad attempt at a laugh left the other man’s throat. “Promise me you won’t leave until I’m gone?”

Fury swept along Jaret’s veins. Anger at the sun, the fact the man next to him was terrified, and at Davis for not explaining to the poor man earlier what he was.  But mostly, he was furious at himself for not telling Aaron the truth. Leaning in, he placed his nose against Aaron’s. “I promise you,” he said in a deep growl, “that you are not going to die, Aaron Drakyl. I won’t let it happen.”


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About the author:

Thianna loves to write strong stories with even stronger heroes. While all of her books have an erotic overtone, it is the story that is the most important to her. “The story should be able to stand on its own. The erotic elements are an add-on.”

She enjoys writing about couples with kink, paranormal couples, and straight out strangeness. But more on that later… You can find her at

She also writes m/f under the name Thianna D.


tell-us-logo-shadow-72Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Thianna Durston author of Discovery.

Hi Thianna, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Tell us the ten moments that stayed with you from any book.

Oh, that’s a difficult one. I’m going to do several books because I’ll write down the ones that jump out at me.

In M.L. Ryan’s book Special Offers – when Hailey announces she’s a Chinchilla milker – I literally spit out the water I was drinking when I read that. Every time I reread it, it still makes me laugh.

In Discovery – there is a scene which I don’t want to give away. It has to do with Aaron’s uncle. Every time the last line of that chapter is given, I tear up. Every. Single. Time.

In Love Lessons by Heidi Cullinan – there are several moments in this book that get me.

  • Walter’s reaction to Kelli’s allergic reaction. It really shows how deep Walter feels everything
  • When Walter takes Kelli to boystown in Chicago
  • When Walter arrives at Kelli’s house with a carload of gifts and the family rallies around – geez, I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

In Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk when shy philologist Whyborne who thinks of himself as nothing, works to defend Griffin from an unspeakable horror – who can’t adore a character like that?

In Jordan L. Hawk’s series SPECTR –

  • Gray’s reasoning why he isn’t a demon “Demons are food. I am not food. Therefore I am not a demon.” (how can you argue with that?)
  • When Gray stays and saves Caleb
  • When Caleb makes the ultimate choice not to get rid of Gray.

In the book Took My Breath Away (2nd in my All They Ever Needed trilogy) when Christian calls Logan, who breaks down. That phone call deeply affects me every single time when Logan says “Christian, who the hell am I?”

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Publisher: Thianna Durston


Cover Artist: Jay Aheer – Simply Defined Art


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