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dogwood daysDogwood Days

Holly Creek

Book One

Poppy Dennison

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


Date of Publication:  October 21, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-63476-456-8

Number of pages: 131

Word Count: 40k

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Book Description:

Small town heroes and big town hearts.

Jefferson Lee Davis is happy with his life in the city until his favorite uncle has a bad fall and he rushes to Holly Creek to make sure Uncle Sherman is okay. Jefferson Lee knows how to navigate small Southern town’s politics and the residents greet him with open arms. Everyone but the town’s sheriff, Zane Yarbrough, that is.

Dogwood Days, the town’s biggest festival is looming, so Jefferson has to step up and take over his uncle’s job as the town blogger, even if that puts him right in the sheriff’s path. Quirky neighbors, meddling family, and a sassy best friend all come together to make Jefferson Lee’s life in Holly Creek a full-time adventure. When he loses his job back in the city, Jefferson Lee has to start a new job search that will take him away from the town he’s learning to think of as home.

Will this big city boy find sweet romance in the arms of a small town sheriff or will the allure of the city call him back?


Dogwood DaysDogwood Days by Poppy Dennison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is a ridiculously CUTE little story about a ridiculously cute little town with ridiculously cute characters! i LOVED the banter between jefferson and pretty much everyone else in the book. all the characters were really adorable and this story captured small town america perfectly!

i’m big on character description and i loved how we didn’t really ‘see’ what zane looked like until jefferson really ‘saw’ him. pure brilliance on the author’s part how well that worked. jefferson and zane are great guys that seem made for each other and this quaint little town.

there was a bit of a hint of a possible follow up story with a couple of supporting characters that i would love to see!

overall a really great, quick read that i’d recommend to anyone!

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About the Author:

PoppyDennisonAdd two parts sass and one part sweet and you have Poppy Dennison to T—sweet tea that is. Raised by a gaggle of Southern women who love reading and have backbones of steel, Poppy was brought up to see the best in people but always speak her mind. Mix it all together, like Grandma’s famous cobbler, and you get a sassy, Southern lady with a quick wit and loads of charm, who will soften any blow with “Bless your heart.” Her books reflect her small town roots, are filled with all the comforts of home, and come with side dish of spicy, because that’s the way she likes it.









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