A Random Act of Kindness

One of BFD’s bloggers – YM – is a teacher in a lower income elementary school. She teaches Language Arts in a traditional bilingual model in 5th grade which is the first year of 100% English for these students. YM’s students are going to start reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets soon. She made a post on Facebook asking friends and neighbors to lend her their copies of the book so each of her students could have a copy to read from during the lessons.
YM just happens to be Facebook friends with USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde who saw YM’s call for help.  K.A. messaged YM and asked how many books she still needed for class.  And you guessed it…this happened:



“My mom always said that I couldn’t have everything I wanted but she’d never say no to books! I hope the kiddos love it!” – K.A. Linde


So here’s our BIG THANK YOU MS. LINDE for your kindness and gracious heart!



Please check out her author pages, follow her, support her by buying her books and recommending her to your friends!



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