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My Favorite Summer Memory…

I have to be honest – I think my most favorite summer memory happened this year.  Let me set the stage…my son and two of his friends decided they wanted to play volleyball (my daughter has been playing for years).  Well, here in the great state of Texas, where football rules, volleyball is apparently considered by the masses to be a ‘girls’ sport’ and these three boys have endured some ridicule and a little bit of bullying.  One boy’s father reached out to the USA Volleyball Foundation hoping to find an anti-bullying program focusing on sports to bring to our kids’ school.  That fell through, but in May each boy received a personal note and jersey from three players from the USA Men’s Volleyball team (see pictures below).

Fast forward to July and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) World League comes to Dallas.  My son really wanted to get Max Holt to autograph his jersey so we bought tickets to Olympic Day when the team would be signing autographs.  Getting the autograph was a comedy of errors which I’ll skip (because it took us no less than 14 hours to get it) but we did get to watch the Russian and USA teams warm up.  We then met the entire USA team and coach.  We finished the night by watching Australia take on Russia and USA face Bulgaria.  All in all, it was one of my favorite days ever.

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9 thoughts on “Divine’s Summer Blog Hop Stop

  1. One summer, went out with my friends almost everyday. We were young and had a lot of energy, lol. Great memories.

  2. summer sport meant cricket….first with my dad, then my son, then my daughter
    I think I was a glutton for punishment 😛

  3. How fun! This is about the time of year I start missing hockey (my Sharks had a later finish than usual, thanks to the Cup Final, even though it didn’t shake out the way I wanted), reading a lot of hockey books and hockey-themed m/m romances. Do you ever watch the Stars? (The Sharks/Stars rivalry has been intense at times, but I admit we’re all starting to like them now that they’re in the Central and not the Pacific Division anymore. Plus they have some fun players, though I’ll definitely miss Jason Demers now that he signed with Florida…)

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