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Born into wealth and privilege, Colin Sinclair was raised on the knowledge that money could buy anything and everyone had a price. Trouble was no trouble at all, not when the money was there to sweep it under the rug. But those lessons, learned at the knee of his father, were going to be challenged in a way that would change Colin forever.

In middle class suburbia, Arnaud Dechene learned the value of hard work, focus, and dedication to a dream. He was well on his way to achieving it, the role of Premier, when he catches Colin’s eye. Rich snobs didn’t usually do it for him, but there was something about Colin that made him impossible to resist.

Despite being opposites in every way, falling into a relationship was surprisingly—and deceptively—easy, but Arnaud never lost sight of his dream and Colin had trouble accepting that he was second place to anything. When a stupid argument leads to a reckless act, the repercussions leave Arnaud fighting for his life and Colin paying with his own.

With a little meddling from an aging schemer and intentions that are more well-meaning than realistic, their paths will cross again. However, Colin and Arnaud aren’t the same men who loved with abandon. They are older and wiser, with a history that might be too big to overcome.

Fans of the series know revenge is a double-edged sword, forgiveness doesn’t always come easy, and forgetting is damn near impossible. But love…well, that may just conquer all.














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His Premier (Sizzling Miami #6)His Premier by Jessie G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love second chance romances. They usually are really angsty which I typically don’t love but there is something so fulfilling about two lovers getting another chance at discovering each other and their love. Reading about two characters with history that they have to work through just does it for me.

If you follow my reviews, or follow me or my posts on Facebook you know I’m a huge fan of this series and the Devil’s Pride series (they overlap at times). I was warned that this book would be hard to read. And after a bit of reflection, I remembered that ALL the books in this series have some extremely painful scenes/life stories in them. I almost couldn’t read about and had to skip over what happened to Davin. Red’s story damn near broke me. Don’t even get me started on the agony of Javier and Saul in The Protector. I had to set my kindle down after reading the prologue in Tricking Chase and take a break before continuing. Micah and Garrison’s anguish is palpable in their SHORT STORY. BUT, none of that prepared me for what Colin and Arnaud went through and I had no idea that was coming. And now, I really want to go back through this series and Devil’s Pride (again) to see if I can pick up anything I missed about Colin in those books.

These guys…I won’t tell you what happened but I will tell you it was absolutely tragic. And the full impact of what happened isn’t fully realized until almost the end of the book when Colin reflects back during the benefit performance and recognizes everything he’s missed for the last 10 years. When they forget the past and stow away the pain, they are beautiful together. Arnaud’s pushy, quirky, exuberant personality is the perfect balance for Colin’s reserved controlled, privileged personality. Arnaud absolutely brings out the best in Colin. Colin’s adoration of Arnaud had him willing to make every sacrifice for him. In this story, we not only learn of their history and experience the beginning of their healing in the present; Jessie has paved the way for their future. Thankfully, we’re informed at the end of the book there is more to come because these guys aren’t done yet. And we’re not done with them yet.

As always it was awesome to see most of the guys from the series in this book…Saul, Chris and Owen play pretty big roles here and of course take over their scenes. We also get a fantastic surprise cameo from a couple of fellows in New York. And never fear; the Queen of Teasing didn’t let us down as there are quite a few teasers of what’s to come with Jacky and damn if I’m not as curious as ever with that one.

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