Release Blitz including Review & Giveaway – Slices of Life 2016: A Sizzling Miami and Devil’s Pride Companion by Jessie G.

Slice of Life 2016

Cover by Andrew Reyna at Dynamic Craft Studios

In mid-2015, I got the bright idea to collaborate with book blogs to give readers a glimpse into the life of my characters after the ‘happily ever after.’ I was planning one a month for one year or a total of twelve stops. You know what they say about the best laid plans, right? Well, twelve easily became thirteen and that doesn’t include the bonus December scene I signed up for at the last minute.

The blog stops evolved from brief glimpses into extensive scenes that ranged from sweet to sexy, and more than once contained information vital to the characters and the series. Over the course of the year, the feedback has been awesome and I was surprised to receive emails asking if I planned to compile the scenes in one volume. It hadn’t been my original intention, but it was a great idea as a companion to the world I’m creating.

As these are blog posts, they have not been professionally edited and since they will continue to remain live on the blogs that hosted them, I didn’t want to alter them beyond any glaring errors. Hopefully, I learned enough from my editor that I didn’t make too many blunders.

I hope you enjoy these brief glimpses as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Jessie G


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Christina’s review

I didn’t give this a star rating but know that if you’ve followed these series, these scenes are must reads.  I love when authors give us bonus scenes…especially on characters whose stories I never want to end.  This is an awesome compilation of bonus scenes from a couple of my favorite series and I’m going to try to comment on each one!  (and I LOVE this cover!)


December 2015 – Merry Christmas from Ric & Davin

I feel like Ric and Davin are the forgotten couple.  Ric is awesome with Ty in subsequent books but every time I read them I’m reminded how much I love them.  I also remember their ‘sharing scene’ is one of my all-time favorite scenes in a book (if you haven’t read this book, I don’t want to ruin it).



January 2016 – A Sizzling WTF Moment with Saul, Javier

For those of you that follow me or Jessie and our never ending battle to get her to stop teasing us, you’ll understand how flabbergasted I am that I completely missed this RIDICULOUSLY HUGE tease.  Did we talk about this?  When I first read The Protector, I wasn’t thrilled.  Jessie and I battled about it.  I’m in the minority with my love of Javi and this scene shows how strong he can be so I feel like we should talk about this scene.  Jessie – where are you????


February 2016 – Chocolate Hearts & Cuban Sandwiches w/Chris & Owen

Have I mentioned that I didn’t like Owen when I met him in For a Reason?  And that I went into his book with a major kink in my chain about him?  Well, he won me over in chapter 6 of his book (Safety in Numbers) and made me love him a little bit.  His vulnerability and strength is shown perfectly in this bonus scene.  And Chris…man, could he be more perfect?  If you don’t melt a little bit (or a lot) reading this, there is something wrong because he is just so sweet and good to Owen.


March 2016 – Thinking Mushy Thoughts with Ty & Chase

Ty and Chase are my 2nd favorite couple in these series (yes, I know Ty…you don’t like this).  Ty is funny as hell, a total bada$$ and sweet as can be when it comes to Chase.  It’s hard to see him vulnerable and needy but it’s so amazing when Chase’s strength and love pulls him through.  Their love is palpable and this scene shows that perfectly.


April 2016 – There Are No Losers in Love with Billy & Liam

In this Slice of Life, we get a glimpse of Liam’s playful side while also seeing his insecurities.  Billy and Liam’s dynamic is shown perfectly…how they balance and support each other.  And did I mention – HOT shower scene!


May 2016 – Memorial Day with Garrison & Micah

If you ever need a good, hard cry, Micah’s Soldier is the book for you!  In it we meet Micah and Garrison as well as get another small glimpse at Jared.  This bonus scene will again get you teary but also shows us the fun side to both men.  I really, really want their book now.  Can we have it now Jessie??  Please???


June 2016 – Greg’s Birthday Surprise!!

Ah, Snake and the Phone Sex Operator (thank you for that Ty).  Only Gene can take a ridiculously sweet gesture and make a sex game out of it!  If you somehow missed this Slice of Life, you’re going to want to read it now…something important happens.  🙂


July 2016 – Bull & Red’s 1 Year Anniversary

So, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not but I LOVE RED AND BULL!  These guys are my favorites of all Jessie’s characters and I can never get enough of them.  I wish this scene was longer but I know we’ll get more of them so I guess I can wait.  🙂 And of course Jessie drops a pretty big tease on us BUT you can find the answer here:



August 2016 – Clay & his boys celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Man, oh man…when I met this trio I loved them instantly and starting bugging Jessie right away for their book.  She’s made me wait for a long time but I’m glad we got a glimpse of their lives in this bonus scene.  We get to see more of Tory’s sassiness, Evan’s sweetness and Clay’s strength.  The three of them together are simply amazing and I CAN NOT wait for their book (hint, hint Jessie).


September 2016 – Kyle’s Birthday – Preview of Saving Saul

Jessie’s teasing us about this trio cranks up a notch in this scene.  We’re being teased with Javi’s dominance again.  Kyle’s insecurities are still being worked through and they’re all trying to find the balance to get where they need to be.  Saving Saul stands to be the most emotional book in the series and I am anxious and scared to read it.  Jessie – be ready for a big discussion with this one.


October 2016 – Happy Belated Halloween with Colin & Arnaud

Have I mentioned that I love Ty’s nicknames for people?  I think Jessie and I have had a dozen conversations about it because he just makes me giggle.

Ric = Fancy Pants

Juan = Little Juan

Davin = Sexy Hulk

Arnaud = Twinkle Toes

Greg = Phone Sex Operator

Clay = The Stuffed Shirt

When I read His Premier, I couldn’t believe Jessie ‘faded to black’ with the family gathering scene.  How could she tease us like that? (Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.  She didn’t get the nickname Queen of Tease on accident.)  I’m so glad we got to see most of our favorite characters in this scene.  It was absolutely as entertaining as I expected it to be!


November 2016 – Snake & Greg’s first family Thanksgiving

Greg and Gene’s book was full of fun and laugh out loud moments.  That’s continued in their first combined Thanksgiving.  And we of course get another big announcement in this scene so you definitely don’t want to miss that!


December 2016 – A Devils Pride Christmas

Tricking Chase is my 2nd favorite of Jessie’s books (and yes, I know Ty does not like that place in line) so I always love getting a glimpse of Ty and Chase.  This scene is even better because several of our favorites are there!  And don’t worry…Jessie teases us again in this scene with a little bit of Carlos and Mateo as well as more teasing about Greg and Gene’s big date!


These scenes were such a great idea!  I love getting glimpses of each couples’ lives and being reminded how much I love them all.  Now I need to go re-read all their books!



You can purchase the books in the Sizzling Miami series here.



You can purchase the books in the Devil’s Pride series by clicking on the book covers below.





And you can get Micah’s Soldier here.




Because we are such huge fans of Jessie, we will giveaway an ebook copy of any of her books!  Just comment below with which book you want/need and we’ll select a winner on Saturday, January 7!

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    I would love to win Safety in Numbers. It is the book in the Miami series I haven’t read yet.

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    Thank you for the great reviews and the chance:). I haven’t gotten a chance to get Deciding on Forever yet and would love that one!

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    Hope there is another sliceS of life for 2017, have all her books and enjoyed each one, Xmas in Colorado with Chris and Owen is “truly beautiful”.

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    I would love to win Safety in Numbers. One of the few in the Miami series I haven’t read yet.