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NOTE: The mental disorders in this story are fictionally constructed to drive the story are not intended to hurt, ridicule or judge anyone from suffering from any form of mental illness

What happens when your boyfriend loves you but his split personality hates you?
For a while, it seemed like Winter, Bones and Reginald might be able to strike a balance with their strange relationship. But having sex with Reginald while Bones pretended not to be there is harder than they imagined–especially for Bones who is inadvertently developing chemistry every time his other personality makes love to her.
But when that chemistry gets out of hand, Reginald–who Bones considers his brother– suddenly disappears, leaving Bones devastated and hating Winter for causing it.

Enter the X Factor–

With Reginald missing, the imbalance in Bones’ mind takes yet another turn, allowing X out to play–the part of him who knows things about Bones that even Bones doesn’t.

Stuck in Bones subconscious, X is only able to live when Bones sleeps. But X has too much revenge to “Execute” and not enough time in his 4 hour window to work. But with Reginald gone, X finds he has more power, and strikes a deal with Pretty Winter.

Wanting only to fix what she broke and put Reggie and Bones back together, Winter agrees, even if she has to play the whore to do it. But that’ll damn well change when Bones figures out two things–that he’s falling for Winter– and that X exists.


X fought to focus his mind. It was every-fucking-where but especially on the smell of her. The sight of her with her legs open, fucking his finger. Her pretty face in agonizing pleasure. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to torture her with 0 orgasms or 100. Fucking God almighty he felt drunk and he’d not touched a drop in years. What he wouldn’t give to have one drink. He never did, he never risked doing it and fucking up his plans. But with her in the equation, everything changed. More than he realized at first. He could probably get away with a lot, having her as an accomplice to keep him out of trouble.
He needed to own her first. And with her so into Bones, that might take some doing. Nothing he couldn’t accomplish. He’d start by giving her what she craved from him.

He pulled his fingers out of her and rubbed the head of his cock on her slit. The desperate cry she gave made desire hammer in his balls. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

She answered with strained pants, looking between her legs.
“You have to tell me to.”

She made several strained sounds before her “I can’t,” wrenched out of her.

X eyed her, pausing. “You can’t or you won’t.”

Her breasts moved with her breaths. “I won’t. I love Bones. I won’t ask for it.”

So she’d give it but not ask. “Lean over on the desk. Face down.”

She eyed him, seeing where it was going and she made her way off the desk and did as he told her. She’d ask before it was over with. She’d beg.

He slammed his hand on her ass and she shrieked with “Oh God” while putting her forehead on the desk and clenching her fists next to her head.

“Lift your ass Pretty Winter,” he said. “And tell me why you’re scared of him.”

“I… I don’t know,” she barely managed, letting out a scream when he spanked her. Her pussy sucked the head of his cock and he stroked her ass. “He’s scary,” she shot out.


“He… he blacked out.”


“He tried to… choke me, and Reginald stopped him.”

“Don’t’ move your ass, let me do everything. Why did he try to choke you?”

He very slowly pushed in, spanking her every other second. “Tell me.”

“Oh God,” she gushed, her pussy clamping so fucking hard, sucking him in each time he spanked her. “He… he thought I was bad. He thought… I was dangerous, he wasn’t in his right mind.”

“You keep saying that.” X gave her three consecutive spankings, grunting and hissing at how hard her pussy bit down. He licked his finger and pushed it into her ass, his cock halfway in now. Her cries came non-stop as he worked his finger deep. “You’re fucking ass makes me want to murder.”

“Tell me about the scar,” she gasped. “What is it?”

“I told you to check the hospital records.”

He lit her ass with five spanks and she shoved back onto his cock, burying him inside her.

“I told you not to move.” He raised her legs off the floor and stepped away from the desk with her.

She panicked, trying to grab hold but he continued to walk back. “Executioner!”

“You disobeyed.”

“X, stop!”




Missy‘s review

4.5 of 5 Stars
Book 3 takes a left turn. The story focuses on Winter and Bones’ relationship. Both are mourning the missing Reginald and dealing with the appearance of X. And Z.

I loved seeing Winter and Bones fall for each other and show lighter sides. Winter teaches Bones to let go, to enjoy life. Her curiosity and love for Reginald and Bones pushes the story forward, especially her willingness to face off with X for clues to Bones’ past.

Bones opens up, he laughs, he’s funny and he’s committed to Winter and to Reginald. Bones’ struggle figuring life out without Reginald is interesting and emotional. I can’t decide if he is opening up and growing or leaning so much on Winter for emotional cues, it’s a substitute for Reginald.

Is the books still dark? Yes. These are not nice people who’ve led normal life. They’ve done bad things. Really bad things. That I’m cheering for them at all is a testimony to the author’s ability to suck me into the story.

This was supposed to be the final book. But nope, big a$$ cliffy. And I’m back to thinking this series/story has some paranormal bits. Seriously, book 4 can’t get here soon enough.



Author Bio

I’m a husband and author, and I may be a little religious about both. I like writing gritty sex and encapsulating it in the delicate, white silk of devotion, commitment, and possibly the psychotic obsession of lovers.
And I wouldn’t mind if I inspire people to this lost phenomenon with my scribblings.



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