Release Blitz including Excerpt – Enrapture: Noah’s Tryst by Pierce Smith

Enrapture: Noah’s Tryst

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Genre: MM Paranormal

Length: 285 pages

Publisher: Amazon


A sexy and spicy sequel to our sizzling saga ENRAPTURE the passionate story of Noah and Ethan. Someone has been suspiciously sinful, but who can blame him? A libertine of a spooky spirit leads our lusty lads, Noah and Ethan, into licentiousness by a libertine of a spooky spirit.

Driven by Noah’s desire to protect his partner, Ethan, from this depraved demon, Noah enlists the talents of a Paranormal professional to solve his elemental problems and we meet the mysterious Marvel but is he a Master or Masquerade? Friend or Foe? Or is he a specialist or spurious?

As they deal with despondency and despair, testosterone and tears in determining their destinies to be loyally loving and tenderly together. Resentment runs rampant and as the intensity increases, it adds fuel to the fire. Will the deceit be discovered before it destroys? Will they be rewarded with retribution or repercussions? Will the truth be triumphant and the visitor vanquished?


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Chapter 1

Noah was already late for his office. It was after nine in the morning and he had yet to reach the Promotions and Marketing department of his office, The Masters. Ethan had left hours before as his office was over a 45-minute journey from their apartment. Noah was lying idly on their bed looking around, especially towards the door through which Ethan had left and on the center table where his breakfast was. Toast, omelette, and coffee, all prepared by Ethan. The coffee was hot as he could see its steam rising through the mug and its aroma tempting him to kick him out of his laziness and grab the mug. But, he tossed on the bed one arm crooked beneath his head and the other resting over his eyes. Through one eye, he was looking at the table, the breakfast, and the mug. He arranged Ethan’s pillow beneath his folded leg and then pushed his dick into his grip. He soon realized the problem. Last night was spent sleeping, as they both had returned late from their respective offices, had dinner, and slept. No sex and thus resulting in an early morning boner.

Noah’s morning wood was making him play with Ethan’s pillow, pushing and pulling it onto his groin. He was rubbing his crotch over the pillow while abusing Ethan internally. “Useless sucker,” he murmured aloud, burrowing his head into the pillow and dragging the pillow right under his groin. His ass was up in the air and he was furiously rubbing his dick over the pillow. He needed to be in a relaxed state before he could face the day.

He was going to deliver an important presentation to his clients and possibly a potential new client. His company, The Masters, had placed a lot of trust and expectations on him in regards to the outcome of today’s meeting. Noah wanted himself to be free from all possible tension, including of his naughty dick. He didn’t want to present his bulge to the attendees and distract them from the focus of the presentation. Grounding down hard into the pillow, he generated the right amount of friction to the point that he was about to cum; just at the point of ejaculation, his cell phone beeped from beneath his pillow where he kept it.

“Fuck you, motherfuckers,” he ranted as all his excitement and focus had been pulled away from his release with the sudden distraction. The cell phone was beeping continuously. He ignored the interruption as he was so close to completion and with a few swift hard jerks of his hips, he ejaculated in his briefs, but it now lacked any feeling of the previous excitement he had been experiencing prior to the interruption. This would only lead to a sense of more frustration. After a couple of minutes, he looked at his phone and found it was a reminder alarm set by Dan, his secretary. “Fuck you, Dan,” he groused with some heat; but there was no one around to hear him. He shucked off his briefs, threw them to the floor and wiped his dick clean using Ethan’s pillow. “If not your ass to taste me, then your pillow will.” After lying naked and supine for a few minutes while staring spellbound at the ceiling fan, he glanced through the open window and realized he would be late for the office if he didn’t get a move on.

This meeting was very important if he wanted to advance his career. He tossed and turned until he reached up to the corner of the bed and then tossed around again to fall slowly onto the floor. Giggling at his silliness, he stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

Holding his toothbrush, he returned to the bedroom, removed Ethan’s pillow cover and took his briefs throwing them both in the laundry basket. “Irritating fellow. He would cry like a girl if he found his pillow covered with cum spots,” he murmured around the toothbrush in his mouth. He pointed at his breakfast and called, “I’m coming to eat you soon,” then ran back to the bathroom to finish off his ablutions after noticing from the wall clock how late he was.

Brushing his teeth, he sat on the toilet when his phone rang. “Jesus, can’t anyone let me shit in peace?” The ring tone was getting louder with each passing second. The call was demanding to be answered. He knew it had to be Dan from the office, “Am I late?” he murmured in a worried tone, pressing the flush button as he ran towards the bedroom. He jumped on the bed, picked up his phone, and immediately pressed the Accept button, “Yes?”

“Sir, this is Dan.”

“Dan, I know, your number is programmed into my cell phone. What’s happened?”

“Sir, the clients are running late by about 30 minutes, they are stuck in the jam at the airport.”

“That’s good, gives me a bit more time.”

“You want me to pick you up?”

“Are you coming this way? I think my apartment is in the opposite direction to yours.”

“Yes, but last night I stayed at my uncle’s. You are midway between my uncle and the office.”

“That’s sounds great. Give me a time,”

“How about in thirty minutes?”

“Won’t that make us late?”

“No, I think they will be delayed by about an hour due to the traffic.”

“Great. So, see you in about thirty minutes or so.”

“Okay, sir, I’m heading your way now.”

Noah disconnected the call, flipped it on the bed, and walked back to the bathroom to wipe his ass. “People love my ass so much that I can’t keep it clean!” he chortled while he washed his face before moving to turn on the shower. He looked at the mirror hung above the washbasin and saw fog covering it. He recalled the incident that happened the evening of Halloween just a couple of days ago, then realized he was so close to the mirror that his breath was fogging it over.

“Shit, he isn’t coming back, is he?” just as he uttered those words, a discordant noise from the corner attracted his attention. He turned back, but there was nothing. “I think I’m scaring myself.” He turned the knob for the shower to adjust the temperature and enjoyed the water droplets falling all over him. With closed eyes, Noah stretched his hand out to get the soap, but he was unable to find it by touch. He opened his eyes to look around, but it was still in the proper place. He noticed he had been searching for the soap in a different direction. “Some days, I realize how stupid I can be!” He smiled at himself and suddenly the volume of water falling increased. He looked at the shower knob, but it was still where he had set it. He turned the knob to double check it wasn’t faulty but found it was working normally. “Am I having hallucinations?” he turned it back to normal pressure. He put soap all over his body, concentrating on his dick. Rubbing all across its length and around its girth, he admired his erect penis, “You need to be cleaned and look smart all the time, Hun.”

While he was washing, he felt someone peeping at his cock from over his shoulder. Stunned, he looked back and the soap fell somewhere into the bottom of the shower. There was no one there. He turned and found himself looking across to the mirror again. He remembered that somewhere he had read that shadows could appear in front of a mirror but not behind it. So, he took the mirror down and inspected it from every angle and side, even turning it upside-down. The ceiling was inspected too. Except for the lights and panels, he couldn’t find anything. “Why am I scaring myself like this?” He got back in the shower and stood where he could see the mirror then continued bathing. There was no movement reflected in the mirror, just water falling all over him. He closed his eyes, trying to soothe himself.

Without being frightened, he smiled again and murmured. “I know you’re around!” as someone breathed onto his shoulder.

“How fucking smart are you?” someone whispered.

“That’s me. So, you are here for my brains?” Noah murmured.

“No, for your sexiness,” the voice replied.

“I like that,” Noah inclined back as if to rest on his chest but there was no one behind him. He almost slipped onto his back on the wet bathroom floor. But he controlled himself by grabbing onto the towel rod. “Fuck you; I could be dead by now.”

Teasingly someone laughed from over by the washbasin. Noah turned his head to that side and found the shadow sitting at the edge of the washbasin, nude. It was the first time Noah had seen him nude in full daylight. Tempting, alluring, inviting, still his manhood was smartly hidden between his folded legs. The shadow smiled on finding himself under Noah’s minute scrutinization, especially his peeping at his crotch. Both of their eyes met, and they smiled back at each other. “I know you are a tease. But you are scary too, right?”

“No, not at all. I’m sexy, right?” so saying he eyed his entire stretched out body that was semi-suspended in the air. He winked at Noah.

“Right,” Noah giggled. Noah looked towards the sight of this scary-cum-sexy shadow and found himself still in an uncomfortable pose. He noticed both his legs were stretched wide, and they were supporting him at the corners of the bathroom walls using the grip of his toes. One hand was holding the towel rod, and the other was supporting himself off the floor. Finally, he glanced at the dick standing at attention from the middle of his crotch; at last, he smiled and looked at the shadow. Again, they both smiled, each smile stretching wider. “Every time, your eye is at the right place at the right time.”

“I already told you that I’m smart.”

“By the way, who are you?”


“What do you mean by Ian? Who are you?”

“I am Ian.”

“So what is Ian?”

“Ian is the smartest and sexiest of the shadows.”

“I mean who not how!” A little confused and irritated Noah reiterated his question, but at the same time, one end of the towel rod broke away from the wall. “Jeeezus!” he yelled, losing his grip, and descended further into his current precarious position, yet he was still left hanging in the air by his ankles.

“You shout too much, don’t you?”

“You make me.”

“Anytime.” Ian replied.

“What are you looking for?” asked Noah still shaken.

“Aren’t you still sure of ‘that’?”

Noah shook his head no. Then realized Ian was talking about him, a smile floated onto his lips. “I mean how did you search for me? Who are you? And where did you come from?”

“Whoa, so many questions. How about if I answer one by one?”

“As you like, but I still want to know everything about you.”

“I want to share everything about me with you,” Ian blinked.

After staring for some time at Ian, Noah questioned. “Why do you look like Ethan?”

“Brilliant! I can feel how the curiosity is oozing from your face. I didn’t reply to any of the earlier questions and then you shot another one,” exclaimed Ian.

“I mean… I really want to know everything about you, right?”

“Right. So, beginning with your first question, I didn’t search for you, but you did me.”

“I searched for you?” A shocked Noah asked. By now, Noah was feeling discomfort due to hanging in the air for so long, so he tried to let go of the rod and sit down on the floor of the bathroom. But the distance between his buttocks and floor was too far, meaning he would fall down if he should let go. To avoid any accident, he stretched his other hand out towards the floor, but again he failed. He smiled looking at Ian in an attempt to get him to help him, but Ian just sat there smiling at him.

“So, I was saying,” Ian continued, “you guys searched for me but I didn’t need to look for you, because this is my house.”

“But we bought it,” cried Noah.

“Right? But I’m the owner. It is my house.” Ian hesitated “I mean was.”

“So, you want us to leave?” Noah was shocked, his uneasiness due to his position vanished. Now, he was only thinking, ‘who is this Ian and what does he want from us.’

“No, if you and your friend can share my house with me, and…….”

“And???” Noah didn’t manage to say any more when the towel rod broke at the other end, and a screaming Noah fell to the floor. Scared he kept his eyes closed for some time and after a while opened them slowly. The first thing, he saw, was the face of Ian looking down at him. Noah found his head in Ian’s lap, he was smiling, and looking at his frightened face, and fluttering eyelids.

“And, your lips with me,” ignoring Noah’s predicament, Ian completed his sentence and pressed his lips to Noah’s. After a long, passionate kiss, Ian left Noah stunned, but then Noah pulled Ian’s head back down to meet his lips. They felt like they were touching each other’s souls.

Again, after a while, Ian left Noah still dazed and sat back on top of the washbasin. “I heard you have to go to the office,”

“Right. Were you spying me?”

“I don’t need to. I live here.” Ian smiled.

“Right. But I’m interested to know more about you.”

“Sure, next time.”

“But you said you would tell me everything, right?” complained Noah.

“Right. But I didn’t say right away, right?”

“Right,” Noah muttered pulling a childish face.

“Now you need to go to get ready for your office.”

“You want me to go?”

“To your office… and return.”



“That’s all? That’s not fair? I was expecting you to do something more with me,” Noah cried again.

“Are you planning to cheat on your partner?”

“No, not at all. But you’re not visible; I mean you’re not human. So how would I be cheating on him?”

“Nice logic. But I was teasing you there. You can cheat on your partner just for me if you want to.”


“If not, then I can easily make you do so,” with a sly smile, Ian jumped off the basin.

An unusual sound came from the bedroom and Noah turned to check. He peeped into the room but found nothing unusual. He turned back, “Let’s chat later this evening…,” he trailed off as he discovered that Ian had disappeared. “Am I really being played by a ghost?” he murmured anxiously and stepped back in the shower.

“Why, do you think so?” Ian whispered pressing into him from behind. Noah felt Ian’s nakedness touching at his backside and so near that his spine could feel a continuous tingle running up and down. Tilting back Noah rested his head on Ian’s shoulder, warm water was falling over his face; he closed his eyes, and pursed his shivering lips trying to be calm. But, his soul was in turmoil by the heat coming from Ian’s touch and was driving him wild with passion. Noah felt Ian turn his face to the other side. He felt a lovely tease, full nibbles upon his left earlobe from Ian’s lips and teeth.


But Ian didn’t stop. Slowly nibbling Noah’s earlobes, he moved downwards, kissing and biting Noah’s shoulder. His hands leisurely moved to Noah’s arms, running his fingers over Noah’s hands. He stroked down Noah’s chest onto his stomach and slowly encircled his navel with a forefinger. Then Ian moved further down licking and nibbling all around Noah’s groin. He massaged gently over Noah’s thighs, teasing and tempting, flitting close but never touching his straining dick. Noah was salivating with lust from his touch and advancement. Noah surrendered completely to the shadow as Ian embraced him from behind.

Ian moving his lips back, upwards across Noah’s shoulder, he slowly started kissing him from one side to the other. He moved between his shoulders, kissing and nipping him gently then slowly began leaving a trail of kisses down his spine. Ian sat back on his ankles and admired the perfect ass before him, grasping the perfect globes he slowly kissed and nipped his ass cheeks then with the gentle pressure he spread Noah’s cheeks wide and inhaling his scent he started rimming him with a purpose.

“Why are you teasing me without my consent?” Noah murmured without losing completely Ian’s tongue.

“Because I know what you want, what you need.” the reply came from between Noah’s ass cheeks before returning to his feasting. Ian was good at it.

Ian was right. He did know what Noah wanted and needed because it was very rare that Ethan rimmed him, and he loved anyone who would eat his ass. One of Noah’s greatest turn on’s was having someone eat him out. He absolutely loved it when someone would fuck his ass with their tongue. To Noah, it was a heavenly pleasure.

“Umm, don’t stop, you are too good at this,” uttered Noah pushing Ian’s face back into his ass. “Jesus, you look so good there,” Noah, moaned peering back. At the same time, Ian mashed Noah’s dick and pain floated across his face.

“I know how to play.”

Noah pushed him deeper and Ian’s tongue explored the hidden lanes of his ass. “I know how to play, my sweet darkling,” Noah screamed in pleasure. “Jesus, why are playing so badly with me?” as he felt Ian’s tongue and teeth.

“Because you are the sweetest.”

Just then, a cell phone rang. Noah recalled he had a meeting to attend, a very important one. He took a hold of Ian’s hair and lifted him up. “No time to tease and play, honey. I’ve got to run”

“Then first run in my ass,” Ian demanded and pressed Noah against himself taking hold of the basin while projecting his bubbly ass. “Now do it,” he screamed back.

“When did I say my dick can’t kiss your ass in the morning?” Noah smirked. He patted Ian’s shoulder and slapped at his ass.

“Fuck me,”

Noah pushed his dick into Ian’s ass forcefully in one hard thrust without any concern about his pain. But in the very next moment, Ian had disappeared. Shocked, irritated, Noah froze. He could see his dick erect and it still felt like it was in someone’s tight, hot ass, but couldn’t see Ian before him. “Stop playing with me, you little shit,” murmuring he squeezed at Ian’s invisible ass. Immediately Ian appeared in front of him, “Never ever try playing with me like this again,” yelled Noah.

“Apologize, my sexy shadow,” moaning in Ian’s ear, Noah pushed his dick deeper, as far as it could be pushed inside. Deepest, until he had plundered Ian to his very depths.

Panting, Ian took hold of the basin’s sides and Noah let loose mercilessly. He wanted to be exploited as badly as he could in the morning. Noah took hold of Ian’s right shoulder and started fucking him; he was banging inside of his ass like a runaway bullet train. Noah knew it was getting late, but he also didn’t want to leave Ian unfucked. It was a dream come true to enjoy a shag in a morning shower. To romp in it. Ethan rarely shared his shower time with him anymore.

After a few thrusts, Ian’s reflection disappeared from the mirror, though Noah was still feeling that he was fucking someone’s tight ass. He brutally grabbed where he thought Ian’s hair would be and with a scream, Ian re-appeared in the mirror. ‘He should be punished for playing with me.’ Concluding Noah viciously pulled a little more and Ian pushed his ass deeper towards Noah’s dick. With a strong thrust at every word, Noah ordered, “You devil’s ass, don’t just disappear. I may be fucking a shadow, but you don’t scare the shit out of me again.”

“Really?” Saying this Ian disappeared. Once again, Noah saw himself in the mirror fucking thin air. He could see himself in it, his dick moving in and out of nothing what-so-ever!!

“Grrr, I think you wanted to be twisted again?” muttering at Ian’s ear Noah mashed his balls and a pained filled face re-appeared in the mirror. His cell phone rang again and without letting it disturb him, he started thrusting into Ian as hard as he could. He convulsed, plunging and spurting deep in Ian’s ass. Gasping and heaving he stayed still for a moment, keeping his dick in Ian’s ass for some before he removed his dick and his thick semen floated out from Ian’s ass crack. “Let’s shower together,” but Ian wasn’t there to respond. Noah looked around to find him, but Ian had gone back to wherever he came from. “Huh, just for fun,” mocking at Ian’s absence he went back to finish his shower.





 Also in the Series:

Enrapture: Noah Series by Pierce Smith

Genre: MM Paranormal

Length: 73 pages

Publisher: Amazon

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On their first Halloween eve, together things didn’t quite go as planned for two very passionate and horny men. Noah waits anxiously and impatiently for Ethan to get home from work to start their night of sexy fun. Noah discovers a man is watching him through the window across the street. When Ethan phones to let him know he’s caught in traffic, the fun starts with phone sex. Shortly after, a masked Ethan arrives for the Halloween night of fun. But a knock at the door later has left Noah wondering who he just made love to. They find themselves dealing with a few twists in this debut book of an erotic m/m series. It’s one-night tale with twist and turns, with lust wrapped in suspicion. A hot read will be having you beg for more!

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After a couple of minutes Ethan lifted him up holding his thighs, “You, and your insane needs,” Noah exclaimed feeling heated hands on his thighs. His legs were feeling the warmth of hell fire from over his pants. His hold was strong and in one push he slid him down and then up in his hand’s grip. Noah was hung in the air only supported through Ethan’s sturdy sizzling grip. He was giggling fun and lust, “What the hell are you doing, dick head?” but Ethan remained silent.

He was looking yearnfully to the erect dick before his face. He kissed it slanting his head and looking at Noah.
“It’s better to keep lust near your lips with a high head,” Ethan responded to him. Movement of his lips over Ethan’s dick was provoking him Noah giggled and then laughed.





Author Bio:

Pierce Smith, aka PS, has been writing since his childhood. He is a young, single, sexy author who lives alone in the countryside; somewhere on the Planet Earth. He always gets lost in a fantasy/paranormal world of ghosts, shape-shifters, aliens and more. Most of the time his imagination, intuitions, dreams, and his love for them, drift him away. He is into paranormal mysteries and hot erotic scenes. PS is a lover of food, coffee, and hot people. PS discovered that fantasizing is addictive and once you have a taste of it, you can’t get rid of it. Thus, escaping from the reality, he writes few short stories. Sadly, most of them go unpublished. He is planning to include them on his blog and share them through his Newsletter. On the advice of his friends, PS started writing long epic novels and self-publishing. PS does his job seriously; does a hell lot of research before putting anything into his books, and interacts with the community around him, a lot. He enjoys his characters (in every possible ways) before putting any of them on the paper. He lusts after them so that his readers can experience the same intensity in the characters. He loves talking a lot and flirts openly, enjoying the company of others.

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