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Reginald Bones: Part One

Bones is hell-bent on hiding from the world.
Reginald is hell-bent on living in it.

Bones vowed to never talk to women again.
Reginald is falling for the one that visits their graveyard.

The problem is, Reginald and Bones share the same body.
And when Bones gives an inch to accommodate Reginald
His dark past returns to devour them whole.



Missy‘s review

4.5 of 5 Stars

This book. I can’t figure out if it’s paranormal or a study of mental health. Two personalities, Reginald and Bones. One dark, one light. And Winter, who also, in my opinion, has another personality (Cinnamon), is damaged and dark. Together, they try to find a balance and form a romantic relationship. I won’t tell you why because it reveals too much. I will say death is woven deeply into each of their personal stories.

All sorts of adjectives come to mind to describe this story – innocent, crazy, experience, intelligence, love, desperation, forgiveness, secretive, sexy. I can’t give a full review because seriously, the cliffhanger sucks. This does not read like a full book but more like a serial, an episode in the life of Reginald Bones.

4.5 stars. Enjoyed it. It was trippy. On to Bonesy 2!



Reginald Bones 2


Bones should have known allowing Reginald to “date” a woman would end badly.
And if he’d known just how badly, he would’ve forbidden him. But it’s too late. Winter Rose is in their life, their mind, and their basement with a death wish.
And after discovering her dirty secrets, Bones is ready to oblige her.



Missy‘s review

5 of 5 Stars

Book 2 in the series, it’s a deeper dive into Bones and Winter’s relationship. I’m still on the fence, is it paranormal or a study of someone with mental health issues…but with Reginald taking a back seat in this book, I’m leaning toward multiple personalities.

Bones is a complex character and Winter, she’s stronger than I gave her credit for in the first book. They are both evolving and it’s like they are shedding different personas. Bones doesn’t have Reginald and Winter stops being “Cin” but as she cracks Bones wide open, I constantly wait for the other shoe to fall. It does, with another character and a cliffhanger.

The writing. It’s coarse like the characters. Not hearts and flowers. Perfect for the story. On to RB3. I need to know what’s going to happen, how it will end.

Reginald Bones 3

What happens when your boyfriend loves you but his split personality hates you?

For a while, it seemed like Winter, Bones and Reginald might be able to strike a balance with their strange relationship. But having sex with Reginald while Bones pretended not to be there is harder than they imagined–especially for Bones who is inadvertently developing chemistry every time his other personality makes love to her.

But when that chemistry gets out of hand, Reginald–who Bones considers his brother– suddenly disappears, leaving Bones devastated and hating Winter for causing it.

Enter the X Factor–
With Reginald missing, the imbalance in Bones’ mind takes yet another turn, allowing X out to play–the part of him who knows things about Bones that even Bones doesn’t.

Stuck in Bones subconscious, X is only able to live when Bones sleeps. But X has too much revenge to “Execute” and not enough time in his 4 hour window to work. But with Reginald gone, X finds he has more power, and strikes a deal with Pretty Winter.

Wanting only to fix what she broke and put Reggie and Bones back together, Winter agrees, even if she has to play the whore to do it. But that’ll damn well change when Bones figures out two things–that he’s falling for Winter– and that X exists.

The mental disorders in this story are fictionally constructed to drive the story. They are not intended to hurt, ridicule or judge anyone suffering from any form of mental illness.



Missys review
4.5 of 5 Stars

Book 3 takes a left turn. The story focuses on Winter and Bones’ relationship. Both are mourning the missing Reginald and dealing with the appearance of X. And Z.

I loved seeing Winter and Bones fall for each other and show lighter sides. Winter teaches Bones to let go, to enjoy life. Her curiosity and love for Reginald and Bones pushes the story forward, especially her willingness to face off with X for clues to Bones’ past.

Bones opens up, he laughs, he’s funny and he’s committed to Winter and to Reginald. Bones’ struggle figuring life out without Reginald is interesting and emotional. I can’t decide if he is opening up and growing or leaning so much on Winter for emotional cues, it’s a substitute for Reginald.

Is the books still dark? Yes. These are not nice people who’ve led normal life. They’ve done bad things. Really bad things. That I’m cheering for them at all is a testimony to the author’s ability to suck me into the story.

This was supposed to be the final book. But nope, big a$$ cliffy. And I’m back to thinking this series/story has some paranormal bits. Seriously, book 4 can’t get here soon enough.


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