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Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert


Carina Press (Harlequin)

 Release Date (Print):

Print (mmp): Tuesday November 27, 2018

 Length (Print & Ebook):

Print (mmp): 288


Contemporary Romance, Male/Male Romance, Holiday Romance, Military Romance

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Book Synopsis

Teddy MacNally loves Christmas and everything that goes along with it. When he plays an elf for his charity’s events, he never expects to be paired with a Scrooge masquerading as Santa Claus. His new mission: make the holiday-hating soldier believe he was born to say ho-ho-ho.

Sergeant Major Nicholas Nowicki doesn’t do Santa, but he’s army to his blood. When his CO asks an unusual favor, Nick of course obliges. The elf to his Kris Kringle? Tempting. Too tempting—Nick’s only in town for another month, and Teddy’s too young, too cheerful and too nice for a one-night stand.

The slow, sexy make-out sessions while Teddy and Nick are alone and snowbound, though, feel like anything but a quick hookup. As a stress-free holiday fling turns into Christmas all year round, Teddy can’t imagine his life without Nick. And Nick’s days on the base may be coming to a close, but he doesn’t plan on leaving anything, or anyone, behind.


Annabeth Albert says that, “BETTER NOT POUT is a male/male holiday romance featuring endearing characters with a fun, flirty plot that will remind readers of their favorite holiday rom-coms.”




“Food is good.” Nick nodded at his now empty bowl. “You tell your mom thanks for me.”

“She’ll be happy someone enjoyed her cooking—she always says she’s happiest when she’s got a packed table for dinner.” Teddy cleared their trays to the kitchen, then returned to regard Nick carefully. He was confounding and grumpy and far, far too appealing. And he was only in town for another month. It was now or never in terms of forging a friendship or anything else for that matter.

Nothing ventured, nothing lost.

“So what do you want to do now?” he asked Nick, coming to stand in front of him, reveling in the warm blast of the fire. “It’s a bit early for bed, but I’ve got all the various streaming services for the TV or a cupboard of board games or…”

“Or?” Nick looked up at him expectantly, taking the bait beautifully.

“Or, I sit on Santa’s lap and tell you exactly what I want under my tree this year.” Teddy didn’t wait for a response, straddling Nick’s blanket-covered lap in a fluid move. “I figure we can unwrap each other’s packages a little early. What do you say, Saint Nick?”




4 of 5 Stars

I’m not going to lie, I was scared at the beginning of this book…I didn’t like “Sergeant Major Nowicki” very much at all when we first meet him. He really rubbed me the wrong way. I should have known I could count on Ms. Albert to make it work because I ended up liking him quite a bit when Teddy got him to thaw and be not so Grinch like.

Not only are they opposites in personality, they are pretty much opposites in most every way. Nick gets (Tazmanian Devil) Teddy to slow down and take a breath. Teddy helps Nick enjoy life…he helps him really live instead of grump about and just march through life. Nick is a hulk of a man where Teddy is more lithe. Teddy enjoys the winters in New York, Nick wants to be where the sun always shines. Teddy comes from a loud, boisterous, loving family who seem to all live in the same town. Nick has a sister and mother he rarely sees and they have trouble being in the same room.

All that being said, they work perfectly together. Their banter is entertaining, they are adorable with each other and they have scorching hot sexual chemistry. It takes them a minute to figure out what they want out of life…individually and together but these guys started my holiday reading off just right!


“Annabeth Albert delivers another charmer with Better Not Pout. A sweet and sexy holiday read that finds a grumpy St. Nick charmed by a do-gooder elf and his snowy town. Better Not Pout will warm your heart and soul this holiday season.”

— Layla Reyne, author of the Agents Irish and Whiskey and Trouble Brewing series


Better Not Pout was charming, sweet, and sexy all at once! I love everything Annabeth Albert writes and this was no exception.” — Cat Sebastian, author of The Soldier’s Scoundrel, The Ruin of a Rake, and The Regency Imposters series

Better Not Pout is a heartwarming read full of true love, holiday magic, steamy romance, and nuanced interactions between characters. Old fans and new readers alike will love everything about this book!” — Anna Zabo, author of the Takeover and Twisted Wishes series



About Annabeth Albert:

Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer. Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite LGBTQ romance series include the #OutOfUniform, #Gaymers, #PortlandHeat, #RainbowCove and #PerfectHarmony series.


To find out what she’s working on next and other fun extras, check out her website: or connect with Annabeth on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify! Also, be sure to sign up for her newsletter for free ficlets, bonus reads, and contests. The fan group, Annabeth’s Angels, on Facebook is also a great place for bonus content and exclusive contests.


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