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Dirty Laundry

Series: Tucker Springs (a series written with Lori Witt & Marie Sexton)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Winner, Best LGBT Erotic Romance in the 2013 Elisa Rolle Rainbow Awards






Sometimes you have to get dirty to come clean.

When muscle-bound Denver Rogers effortlessly dispatches the frat boys harassing grad student Adam Ellery at the Tucker Springs laundromat, Adam’s thank-you turns into impromptu sex over the laundry table. The problem comes when they exchange numbers. What if Adam wants to meet again and discovers Denver is a high school dropout with a learning disability who works as a bouncer at a local gay bar? Or what if Denver calls Adam only to learn while he might be brilliant in the lab, outside of it he has crippling social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Either way, neither of them can shake the memory of their laundromat encounter. Despite their fears of what the other might think, they can only remember how good the other one feels. The more they get together, the kinkier things become. They’re both a little bent, but in just the right ways.

Maybe the secret to staying together isn’t to keep things clean and proper. Maybe it’s best to keep their laundry just a little bit dirty.



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4 of 5 Stars

This is the first book I’ve read in the series and even though previous characters are mentioned, this can be read as a standalone.  I am interested in going back to read the previous two books now that I’ve met those characters though!

I absolutely love these two together and there is a lot to love about them!  Adam is the nerdy grad student who is continually bullied while Denver is the high school dropout night club bouncer.  Denver is the perfect Dom for Adam as he is naturally mindful of Adam’s needs.  As they navigate a relationship, Denver discovers ways to make a relationship work while pushing Adam slowly out of his comfort zone to patiently help him work through his neurosis and anxiety.  Conversely, Adam supports Denver and helps him achieve his goals without making him feel like less than the amazing man he’s proven to be in their time together.

Their sexual chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS and their sex is HAWT – especially the public sex!  (I bought the audio so I could listen to this!)  There is kink so if this bothers you beware.

As I mentioned above, the characters from books one and two make appearances, and I liked what I read of them, so I’ll be going back to read their stories.  The ‘Bug Boys’ seem to be decent – except Brad.  Brad needs to f*ck off forever.  I was not opposed to Denver knocking him out.  I see he has a book but at this point I am vehemently opposed to reading it.  Louisa is amazing!

Definitely a must read!



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About the Author

Author of over thirty novels, Midwest-native Heidi Cullinan writes positive-outcome romances for LGBT characters struggling against insurmountable odds because she believes there’s no such thing as too much happy ever after. Heidi is a two-time RITA® finalist and her books have been recommended by Library Journal, USA Today, RT Magazine, and Publisher’s Weekly. When Heidi isn’t writing, she enjoys cooking, reading novels and manga, playing with her cats, and watching too much anime. Find out more at

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