Release Day Blast including Teasers & Review – The Sinclair Heir by Eliot Scott

The Feud Series is complete and waiting for you! Grab The Wallace Girl AND The Sinclair Heir today! Both books are in Kindle Unlimited!


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The Feud Series: The Wallace Girl & The Sinclair Heir

A steamy adult romance saga

By Eliot Scott

(Eliot Scott is the writing duo of bestselling authors Anne Eliot and Ginger Scott)

* The Feud Series is an adult/coming-of-age, enemies-to-lovers romance and contains mature themes not suitable for readers under 18*



Everyone knows when a Sinclair boy loves a Wallace girl people die.

The first time JoJo Wallace smiled, she had my heart. When we kissed, she owned my soul.
And when she gave me her everything, I took it…consuming her when I had no right.

At first, we were just kids falling in love. We didn’t know about the generations-old feud between the Wallaces and the Sinclairs. I also couldn’t imagine Jojo’s destruction had been planned by my father when we were babies. To Father, the feud came first. I was simply bred to participate. My love for Jojo became his weapon, and to keep Jojo alive, I became the perfect son.

I never thought Jojo would come back after Father’s death. Never thought she’d smile at me or kiss me again—or that I’d let her. She’s the last woman I should ever touch. Only Jojo’s relentless. She’s no longer a child that can be frightened away. She’s made me dream again…made me feel. But before this goes too far, I need to get her away from this town and the rest of the Sinclairs who would see her dead.

Why? Because she’s a Wallace and I’m a Sinclair. She’s something I’d kill for, and I’ll hurt her again. It’s what I do. But Jojo Wallace, she’s impossible for me to resist.






4 of 5 Stars

The Wallace Girl

So, as a HUGE fan of Ginger Scott, I was hesitant but optimistic when I heard about her decision to join forces with her bestie Anne Scott. In this first novel between the two, they both delve into the world of NA(I think that’s what it’s called now. LOL)

The idea around the book is actually pretty good and I loved the story line/the build up. The love story and how they fall, is adorable. I could picture them developing their friendship and eventually their relationship. This is the authors’ wheelhouse, I expected to be in love with them and their story. The “mafia”/family drama feel was intriguing, and at the end of the first book, I was the right amount of puzzled and impressed. The “adult scenes”, are the right amount of sexy and HAWT. The end of the book, was clever and did leave me wanting to know more about what was happening.


3 of 5 Stars

The Sinclair Heir

Continuation/Conclusion of book 1, The Wallace Girl by authors Anne Elliott and Ginger Scott picks up at the “cliffhanger” the authors left us at………

Well, this book was just absolutely meh. Just meh for me and please know that this hurts me the most, as I am the founder and president of the Ginger Scott fanclub. Since I am already being completely honest, my problem with this book is that it’s just too much. Too much! Too over the top, too far fetched, too flowery, too many words. It was a bit like a Spanish novella. It seriously had everything and the kitchen sink. I wish they would have committed to one or two issues then left the others for a different time. This is the part that will hurt me the most……I could tell who wrote what. It just didn’t flow very much, it felt stilted and I promise, this hurts me more than it does you. I promise!

My favorite part of this book was Grady. That was mind-blowing and won’t say anything else, because it would ruin it. I wish they would have run with that part.

That being said, would I read more……yes. I would, because I love them both and I am excited about the potential is there, it needs to be polished and I am excited to have a front seat to the journey. Oh yeah, kiddos to them for releasing the so close! Thanks for not making me wait!


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