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Secret Daddy by J.R. Gray

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I hadn’t admitted to myself that my life was going nowhere until I first had him.

Living back in my small mountain town, in my childhood home, with my older brother, working at the library wasn’t as exciting as I imagined.

That was until a stranger came to the library one night and turned my world around.

Night after night, month after month, I waited for him after dark.

He never let me see his face but he always showed me how well he knew me. No one had ever read my needs so well or pushed me so far and I was in too deep before I even knew who he was.

I just called him Daddy.





I was in love with a phantom. Or maybe ghost was a better word for him. The love had come on like fire—nothing slow or subtle about it. One minute I’d been hot and the next I’d been burning. Ashes. Nothing more than the burn and aftermath he’d created. Reborn from his touch, to suffer until he decided to dote on me once more.

I hoped the snow wouldn’t keep him away. It had started falling after dark. The walk home would be long, even if it was only half a mile. I should have left half an hour ago but I couldn’t bring myself to.

Minutes ticked by, much too late for the library to be open, but I didn’t dare turn off the lights for fear of sending him the message that I’d given up hope. That I’d turned off the lights and walked home alone. To my empty cabin, to heat something in the microwave while I watched television.

I’d rather be here, with an old novel clutched in my hands. One I was only half reading, with one eye on the door. Waiting on my perfect stranger. On the man I wished I knew.

I craved him, missing all the ways I pushed his buttons, driving him to fuck me.

“My Prince.”

My back straightened and the book I’d been clutching fell from my fingertips, clattering across the floor.


“Yes?” My voice shook with the fear I felt the first time and ever. The gulp of terror, the bite of excitement in my gut. My breath hitched. I never wanted the panic to ebb.

It swallowed me with its intoxicating allure.

“I’ve missed you.”

My heart nearly beat out of my chest. “I’ve missed you,” I whispered, scared my imagination played tricks on me.

“Tell me, have you been good?”

I nodded before I realized he couldn’t see me and croaked out, “Yes, Daddy.”


3.5 of 5 Stars

I’m having a hard time ordering my thoughts for my review so it may seem scattered.  I first want to say if you’re not used to this author’s writing style it may take a minute to get into this book.  There were a couple of times I went to GR or the author’s website to see if this was part of a series because I felt like I was plopped in the middle of a story I knew nothing about.  There is a lot of history that unfolds, and a lot that doesn’t, between these characters that seems like we should know.  There are side stories that we either come into the middle of or are left dangling which makes me think this is the start of a series, but I don’t see a series name mentioned.

I like the premise of the story…the secrecy and intrigue but that is revealed very quickly at the beginning of the book which surprised me.  They do continue their kinky activities, but the story takes a bit of a turn and becomes about something else altogether.

I had a couple of issues with how the relationship was developed but I liked the book overall.  If this does turn out to be a series, I would read the next book.


About the Author

Gray is a cynical Chicago native, who drinks coffee all day, barely sleeps, and is a little too fashion obsessed. He writes realistic and damaged characters because everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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