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Title: Protecting Prince

Series: In Midsummer #6 (stand alone)

Author: Jessica Frances

Genre: M/M Romance

Release: February 5, 2021


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One movie star. One bodyguard. One seductive attraction. One deadly obsession. One chance to have it all. One shot to lose it all.


Falling for your bodyguard is so cliché. I cringe at myself sometimes, but then I just have to look at him to understand. How can you not fall for a man like that? Heroic, smart, stubborn, funny, sexy … how could I ever have resisted?


Falling for your movie star client is incredibly cliché. I have heard of people in my position doing just that and used to scoff at them … but then I got placed as Henry Prince’s bodyguard. Unfortunately, his irresistible charm and undeniably sexy self has claimed me, heart and soul. I have no chance of getting out of this unscathed.

Then just as things begin to get red hot, a stalker from the past escapes with the intent to destroy us both. I won’t let anything bad happen to Henry, but what am I supposed to do when potential danger lurks behind every corner, behind every stranger?

Will our cliché beginning blossom into something more? Or are we destined for the typical Hollywood crash and burn?




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Seperated (In Midsummer #2)

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→ Secrets (In Midsummer #4)

→ Safe (In Midsummer #5)

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Still … after all this time of denying ourselves, it feels weird to think we’re giving in now. As much as I want Bryan, I don’t want him to regret this. I think that could hurt me more than anything if he told me that he wished we never crossed this line.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you.”

He bursts out into laughter again. “You’ve been strutting around me naked for years, you have several times started to masturbate in front of me, you constantly flirt with me, but now you don’t want to pressure me?”

Well, said all at once, out loud, I sort of realize I am a jackass. Maybe I should get Cody to schedule me some more of those sexual harassment classes. Not that I would do any of those stated things with anyone but Bryan. And I only started to do them in the first place because I want the man so damn much that I have been driven crazy over the years.

But I don’t want Bryan to want me because I wore him down.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think that … I never wanted you to …”

Bryan stops his pacing and steps into my space, cupping the sides of my face.

Electricity sizzles through my body at the intimate touch, and I practically shake with nerves. I don’t want to fuck this up. It’s too important to me.

“The first time I saw you, I thought you were attractive. And I’ve never thought that about a man before. It was my job to pay attention to you, to notice you, and so maybe that played a part in how much that attraction grew. But I’d still want you, even if you hadn’t teased me with your body for the past few years. I’d still want the Henry who makes me laugh. The Henry who is generous with his time and money. The Henry who thinks coriander is evil but will happily eat a bull’s penis.”

I snort out a laugh at that one. I only did that once on a dare. It actually didn’t taste as gross as I expected.

“I’ve been feeling this way for a while, and I’ve denied it because of my position and because I knew how it would end. But now we have nothing to lose.”

I disagree with that. I would say we could have everything to lose. Or, at least, I could.


3 of 4 Stars

I’m giving this 3 stars since I liked the series overall but if I had read this as a standalone I would have given it less.

After all the simmering angst between Bryan and Henry, I was so excited for this book. But it wasn’t what I was expecting, and I was a little disappointed. I have been up and down with this series. The first book intrigued me enough for me to stick with the series, but it missed the mark. That’s how I felt about this book. While reading the book, I honestly thought to myself…hmmm, this seems like it was written at the same time as book one because they feel similar; the author seems to have reverted to the beginning.

There were times the dialog was almost sophomoric and forced between Bryan and Henry. If they hadn’t had interactions in the previous books, this would have not been a complete story so I honestly don’t think this could be read as a standalone. The story felt so rushed and there wasn’t much to it…other than them finally having a sexual relationship that was almost spoiled as soon as it started, and not for a believable reason.

I would consider this a short story that needs some additional work. Most of the character development was done in the previous books so this is almost an add-on to that series and could have been handled in additional chapters there.



Author Bio

Born and raised in South Australia, Jessica spends her days working in a bakery, afternoons catching up on lost sleep, and nights reading and writing. Writing has always been a passion of hers, however it wasn’t until recently that she decided to put pen to paper and make things official.

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  1. Thank you for writing a review for Protecting Prince. I’m sorry it wasn’t to your liking but I appreciate the time you spent and the chance you took on me and this series. Happy reading!