Past Hurts by Jessie G – Short Film

Past Hurts

A Short Film based on the best selling novel by Jessie G

In collaboration with Andrew Reyna and Brave Queen Media


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A terrible secret nearly destroyed their lives. Now Alaric and Davin are determined to unravel the secrets that tore them apart, but will the truth be enough to rekindle the love they lost?

Detective Davin Monroe has dedicated his life to getting justice for the victims that come across his desk. However, he’s never stopped to consider whether or not he deserved justice for vile things that were done to him as a young man. It’s that question that haunts him when he comes face to face with the demon from his past: Terrence Bennett.

Throat slit, his blood soaking into the sand beneath him, Terrence is their fourth body in four days. A victim of the serial killer Davin’s been hunting and the man who took everything Davin once loved. Now, with no leads and the clock ticking until the killer strikes again, Davin is forced to turn to the last person he wants to see but the only person he can’t live without.

Alaric Bennett, heir to the Bennett company, would give it all up for one more night with his soul mate. Torn apart by the actions of his younger brother, he resigns himself to trudging through life alone. So when Davin suddenly appears back in his life with chilling news, Alaric vows to seize the opportunity to fix what Terrence had broken. Even if he has to break the law to do it.

Together, they will bring a serial killer to justice, but will it be enough to finally bring Davin the peace he deserves?




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