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Cover Art: Ruben de Vela

Print Length: 55 pages




A nameless young man is watching his dreams slip away when a man who let his own dreams die long ago sits down and begins to tell him a story: a story of young love and teenage dreams and rock and roll magic. A story about being young and being brave, and the girl who taught him how to be that way.

As the story unfolds, the young man begins to wonder if there’s something more to this older man and his strange story…if maybe, just maybe, rock and roll magic is real.

A modern-day fable, The Truth of Rock and Roll is a cautionary tale about being young, being brave, and holding onto your dreams.





The Truth of Rock and RollThe Truth of Rock and Roll by Matthew Keville

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

in the most basic form, this book is a lesson in life – to do what you want, what you dream regardless of what anyone else wants for you.

it is incredibly well written and while you have to have a bit of an open mind for the fantasy piece, the lesson is one everyone should listen to and heed. it is a quick read and worth the time you will spend with it.

as i closed the book the words to Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny) were running through my head.


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About the Author

Matthew Keville wrote his first short stories in first grade, when the books on the shelves didn’t have the stories he wanted. The stories have been his constant friends since then, and they’ve carried him through some hard times. He grew up in a small town where you either leave at eighteen or live there forever. He elected to leave at eighteen. Now he lives in New York City where everyone is only working as a waiter or bus driver or stockbroker until they make it on Broadway. This makes him different and special, because he’s only working as a paralegal until he makes it as a writer.

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