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Jessie G is fast becoming one of our favorite authors. Her Sizzling in Miami series is full of action packed, emotionally charged, sexy reads. For those that have read the series, I’m betting you were left with as many questions as we were so we talked Jessie into doing a Q&A to clear up some of those questions! Most of the questions revolve around The Protector (book 3) but some do relate to the other books.

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If you have more questions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll see if we can get Jessie to answer for us! (But please know that some answers are not able to be answered as they will give too much away for future releases.)

**NOTE** some of the questions/answers do have spoilers so continue at your own risk!

Q: I think one of the common questions and areas for confusion is the cast of characters. Can you tell us which characters belong with who and their relation to other characters?

Alaric Bennett & Davin Monroe from Past Hurts

Lesser secondary characters that appear in future books

  1. Terence Bennett – Alaric’s brother who is responsible for organizing the attack on Davin
  2. Juan Montoya – Digital Forensics guru for the MDP who helps Davin & Alaric
  3. Delia Blackwell – Alaric’s trusted assistant
  4. Durango – Alaric makes it a mission to atone for his brother’s mistakes and sets his sights on bringing down this drug dealer.

Until he meets Bull, Saul & Javier he has no real idea of just what a monster Durango is.

Jon “Bull” Connor & Ian “Red” Jones from For A Reason

In this book we meet a lot of people who impact future books:

  1. All the guys in the garage: Saul, Javier, Billy, Liam, Chris, & Jacky
  2. Colin, who came through the Halfway House and now lives w/the guys in the communal house and owns the construction business with Owen
  3. Jared Ramos, who was a Marine w/Bull and runs the Halfway House

We also meet Bull and Red’s families:

  1. Madeline Connor-Flynn, Bull’s sister, married to Kieran Flynn, mother of Rory Flynn
  2. Owen Connor – Bull’s brother, recurring series role, an MC in Safety in Numbers
  3. Isabella Connor – Bull’s sister, brief appearance in The Protector
  4. Tommy Pirozzo – Ian’s Father, we’ll see him one more time
  5. Craig Pirozzo – Ian’s brother, we’ll see him a couple of times

Saul Alvarez, Javier Escardo & Kyle Jansen from The Protector

In this book we see recurring roles from and references to:

  1. Alaric Bennett & Davin Monroe – true to their promise in book 1, this duo is back to help bring Durango to down, one way or the other.
  2. Durango – drug dealer, flesh trader, the man responsible for everything that happened to Javier, and the one they believe will kill them, given the chance.
  3. Terence Bennett – this is the man referred to in the first chapter, the one who has “trained” Javier for Durango and delivers him to Saul on a leash.
  4. Juan Montoya – since helping in book 1, he’s become a key figure in the Alaric/Davin team.
  5. Delia Blackwell – Alaric’s trusted assistant is also part of Alaric/Davin Team

    *Author’s Note: There is a vague background romance glimpsed at between Juan and Delia. At some point there will be an m/f novella dedicated to that.

  6. Master Clay, Evan and Tory – we meet them briefly in the garage and in the meeting at The Bennett Group. The quick backstory alluded to in this book is that Evan was in an abusive relationship and Saul helped Clay save him.

    *Author’s Note: Their story is already written. It’s a very rough, unedited, first draft that I was using to play with some ideas. Along the way I got attached to these characters. At some point I will refine it, have it edited and put it out as a standalone as it technically takes place before Past Hurts and the timeframe provides no ties to either series.

  7. Ryder Holt –the friend that Kyle cares to keep in contact with from his porn days. You will see him again
  8. Miguel and Marisol – Miguel is Saul’s brother, Marisol is his love interest and Durango’s niece. Saul has promised to save them both before he gets his revenge on Durango.

Trick and Chase Malone (Tricking Chase, Devils Pride MC series) – there are several ways these two tie into the series so bear with me

  1. Chase is Kyle’s cousin and Trick is Chase’s Master Ty
  2. Chase works for Master Clay and Evan at their leather club
  3. Trick and Chase, Clay, Tory and Evan think all the guys in the garage type family plus.
  4. Clay thinks Saul and Trick can help each other with their respective problems.
  5. At this point the ties that bind Saul and Trick together are from several angles and their combined story arcs cannot be severed.
  6. Alicia Malone, aka Lacey Elliot, aka Durango’s wife – Trick’s problem is that his sister has been missing for several years. He’s deep in his father’s old MC, hunting up clues to find her. The twist at the end of The Protector was a surprise to me too.

Chris Bishop & Owen Connor, Liam Ellis & Billy Mason from Safety in Numbers (to be released Fall 2015)

I’m not giving you too much here, but for clarification:

  1. Chris and Liam are stepbrothers who went to jail for killing Liam’s father because he was beating Chris. That’s not a spoiler, we learn this in For A Reason
  2. Billy and Owen met in prison. They were briefly lovers, though quickly realized that wasn’t right for them. Their friendship, born in prison and strengthened by having each other’s backs, has made them brothers.

Instead of dividing either of those connections, as feelings grow between Liam and Billy, and then Chris and Owen, we see them drawing strength as four, but they are not a quad. Two love stories, four brothers by circumstance. It’s complicated to explain, and then there is that crazy moment in The Protector

Jacky is a former explosives expert with severe PTSD and feelings of guilt. His role in The Protector severely impacts his book.

Q: Let’s talk about Saul and Javier’s first time to make love. After the intimacy and emotions in the café and the shower, I was fully expected to be blown away by a heartbreakingly beautiful bedroom scene. It wasn’t there…it was kind of glossed over. Tell us your thought process behind that – why was it just an implied scene?

  1. The most important part of what happens after the shower isnt the physical act at all. Its Saul and Javiers memories of what happened.
  2. In the club, while Saul and Kyle are circling each other, Javier is remembering their big night. What does he remember? That he laid in Sauls arms afterwards and fantasized out loud about Kyle. That immediately upon having the man hes loved for the better part of seven years, he spends their postcoital cuddle waxing on about another man. He admits that he doesnt realize how hurtful this was until the next day, and then allows Saul to gloss over his hurt feelings, because he wants Kyle that much.
  3. Saul tells Kyle in the car before he leaves for NY that he laid back and let Javier do whatever he was comfortable doing. His tone is such that Kyle is forced to ask if he even finished.
  4. Neither are glowing endorsements for whatever went on after they left the bathroom.

Q: While Kyle’s personality fits right in with the rest of the gang, his vocation was surprising. What inspired you to make Kyle’s character a porn star?

Kyle is an example of a character who is thrown out into the world too soon, and he must find a way to survive. He could have gotten involved in drugs, gangs, prostitutionand while some would argue that porn isnt much of a step up, his strength of character makes it a huge leap up. In the real world, porn is everywhere. From magazines to TV channels like Babestation and then internet stars, porn is pretty much normalised and it doesn’t have to be deemed as a bad career choice. Hes a recognized star in his industry, hes parlayed it into a real & lucrative modeling career, he thinks of nest eggs and financial planning. In his mind he is not a whore, in fact the only one who refers to him as such is Javier.

Q: Javier was a truly complex character. He is both strong and completely vulnerable at the same time. What are his biggest strength and his biggest weakness to you?

His constant and willful disregard for Sauls feelings, while accepting Sauls unwavering, unconditional support is his biggest weakness. Hes knows this is his biggest weakness and he doesnt know how to fix it, so he counts on Kyle to do it for him. It seems like a selfless act, but as Kyle points out to Javier: No matter what I give him, youll always be what hes missing.

A close second would be his skewed perception of the world around him. Also something hes cognizant of.

His understanding of his own weakness and his desire to heal is his biggest strength. Once he takes control of his mind, body and heart, once he owns his role in the world and in their relationship, I think hes going to surprise us all.

Q: Saul and Javier’s relationship really comes into question here a couple of times but you can tell they really love each other. It seemed like that part of the story was left unfinished. Do you have plans for more of their relationship?

I wrote a love story where 2 of the 3 main characters believed they could be killed at any second. It was only in the last chapter that we really see their acceptance of a future. It wasnt an ending at all, it was the beginning of a new chapter and yes, there will be a sequel. Not tomorrow, not this yearour triad has a lot of growing and healing to do. You cant go from broken to fixed, overnight.

Q: Who were your inspirations for Kyle, Javier and Saul; do you have pictures of the guys you had in your head while writing you can share with us?




Q: We understand why Saul won’t collar Javier but what about cuffing him; was that an option? Isn’t that similar to collaring (the statement of ownership)?

At the point they are in this book, Saul openly admits that he’s not strong enough for that kind of relationship with Javier. Any symbol of ownership or restraint reminds him too much of what Javier suffered and what he believes was his part in holding Javier prisoner. I don’t rule it out in the sequel, but then I’m not really sure Javier is the submissive he comes off as. His fear is what makes him appear submissive to Saul. What is he when he finally moves past that?

Q: Can you give us an idea on the future books of the series? At the end of The Protector, Trick’s story is mentioned as a spin-off series. We know Chris’ story is coming. Any info you can give us on these or other series books?

I’m ambitious, so there are actually three series in the works. Sizzling Miami, Devils Pride MC and The Forgotten Soldier. In 2015: Tricking Chase will be out this spring and will be book 1 in the Devils Pride MC Series. That will be followed by a Sizzling Miami wedding novella over the summer, then Safety in Numbers in the fall.

After that, the books I have mapped out through 2017, in no particular order, are:

Sizzling Miami Series:

His Premier (Colin’s Story)

A sequel to The Protector

Controlled Burn (Jacky’s Story)

Devils Pride MC Series

Talk Dirty to Me (Snake’s Story)

The Forgotten Soldier Series – Jared Ramos will play predominantly in this series

Micah’s Soldier (This novella has been submitted for an anthology to be released in 2016. If it’s not picked up for the anthology, I will release it at an appropriate date to kick of this series)

Past Hurts

Abandoned by his mother and raised by a judgmental, homophobic father on the unforgiving streets of Overtown, Davin Monroe knows a lot about survival and little about love. As heir to the family business, Alaric Bennett’s innate strength makes him the pillar upon which the family problems fall but leaves him emotionally abandoned by those that need him.

One chance meeting and five beautiful years together do not prepare them for the dark, depraved jealousy threatening their hard earned happiness. Now a killer has forced Detective Monroe to face the past and the only man his heart has ever wanted. With only one shot at redemption, Alaric is determined to uncover to truth and bring his lover home.

When discovering the one secret that has kept them apart for eight years unravels an entire hidden life can Alaric and Davin survive the revelations that follow?

*This book is an m/m romance with D/s elements and contains flashbacks to sexual assault.*

Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/ne82u63

B&N: http://tinyurl.com/olunwxk

For A Reason

Former Marine and full time big brother, Bull Connor spends his days helping those in need of a second chance and his nights fighting the inner demons that won’t let go. During a routine tow he comes face to face with the only person who refuses to need him and the one man he wishes would.

As a throw away, Ian Jones is used to being alternately overlooked or ridiculed but hasn’t given up on the idea that with just one chance he could turn it all around. Rescued by the one person who neither overlooks nor ridicules him, he longs to be seen as more than just a man in need.

Ian isn’t pining for the family he’s never known but when they descend, unwanted and uninvited, Bull must prove that he’s the man who will protect Ian’s long neglected heart by sharing the demons that torment his wounded soul.

Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/nwau5wz

B&N: http://tinyurl.com/memhaej

The Protector

There was a time when Master Saul Alvarez filled his days fighting and his nights teaching willing subs the pleasure of his whip. His compassionate understanding of the masochist mind makes him the most sought after professional sadist in the Miami BDSM community. Neither role invites long term relationships, but he’s comfortable with his solitary existence until he is charged with guarding Durango’s prized whore. One look into those terror filled eyes has him vowing to risk it all to save the beautiful man.

Javier Escardo had been praying for death, but never expected the stone cold killer he got in response. One glimpse into those sinful eyes reveals not only the promise of retribution, but a reason to live. Seven years later, free and mostly sane, Javier is determined to take what belongs to him. Saul’s heart. Through hell and back, through layers of pain and shifting realities, that one truth has remained firm. His protector needs saving and he can’t do it alone.

Hidden beneath the public persona, Kyle Jansen is a man who craves to be invisible without being insignificant. He longs to find a Master who will see his need to be taken over without abusing him and a lover who will care about him beyond the sexual games. It isn’t until he encounters the smoldering combination of Saul and Javier that he realizes it was never supposed to be just one partner at all.

Can two battered hearts be mended by the love of a third? Kyle becomes the light to their darkness, and he’s willing to risk his heart for theirs, but when the past threatens Saul, will Javier’s sacrifice destroy them all?

Author’s Note:
The Protector deals with issues of sexual abuse and forced prostitution. While these acts are not detailed on the page, there are many references to them and the ongoing fight to heal and overcome. This book should not be read by anyone who would be adversely affected by these references.

Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/otst9s3

B&N: http://tinyurl.com/kxwve6f

About Jessie G

Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I’d begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: To be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it’s a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With two published books and counting, it’s been amazing to have made this dream my reality.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. I’m a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout my books.


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